Sewing Room

Main groups of products:

  • under vests
  • sweater tracksuits
  • blouses
  • roll-neck sweaters
  • polo
  • jackets
  • trousers
  • T-shirts
  • shorts provided for matches.


Do you want to start cooperation with our sewing room? Ask an expert:

Agnieszka Górzyńska

Apart from the production of knitted materials, we have specialised in sewing ready-to-wear clothes. We have a modern sewing room – 60 work stations as well as we have our own cutting-room. The Specialists from the Preparatory Production Department work using the latest in modern technology computers, provided for designing the clothes. Multifunctional system of quality control, conducted at many work stations, having its key-point at the station of the cloth looking machine, guarantees the highest quality of our products. Moreover, our systemic attitude towards the production process is positioning us among the most modern sewing-rooms in Poland.

We would like to present to you a wide assortment of clothes for women (including clothes for pregnant women), men, youngsters as well as children, produced basing on our knitted materials. MIRAFO Offer also includes a wide range of sport clothes, ranging from the professional-sportswear, including tracksuits and fitness clothes.

The production process takes place with a close cooperation with our Clients, basing on their ideas, suggested patterns or our original studies. Upon your request, we are able to reproduce the preferred sort and type of knitted fabric – dedicated basing on the ordered product. We are extremely proud of our thermo-active products line, where the goods are produced from technical knitted materials of Thermo Cool type, basing on the License provided by Advansa Company.